About us

Entranet is a spin-out IT company emphasizing on the development and application of innovative embedded systems.
In particular, Entranet focuses, primarily, on practical applications of speech recognition and voice synthesis technologies.
At the same time, it has developed a series of innovative products based on synthesized technologies.

The mission of Entranet is to promote and sell innovative technological solutions that make life simpler and easier for everyone.
In this respect, Entranet invests on continuous cooperation and trust among team members
that guarantee the quality outcome of its products that target to meet and satisfy customer requirements.

About Visia

Entranet aims to offer innovative technological solutions of high quality,
attempting to respond to the needs of our clients such us:

Development of products based on speech recognition and voice synthesis targeting construction industry

Development of strategic partnerships around the world.

Development of products based on speech recognition and voice synthesis targeting people with disabilities.

The Team

Entranet’s team consists of highly specialized and experienced professionals
(holding either PhD or MSc) on a variety of disciplines (Civil/ Software/
Electronic Engineering, Management Science, Information Security)

There are three basic principles under which the team of Entranet works and cooperates:
team spirit
having a joint goal and
showing respect to different backgrounds and experiences



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